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Here at Imperial Beauty Tanning we value our customers safety so the following procedures have been put in place to ensure that our place of work is Covid secure as per our insurance and national guidance.  These procedures are as follows - 

*Upon entering I will greet you at the door.  A 1 meter social distancing measure is in place at all times.


* To the left of the door there is a sanitizing station which comprises of hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes.  If you are sanitizing your hands please only sanitize the palms of your hands due to it containing alcohol.  The alcohol in the sanitizer can compromise the tan on the back of your hands when sprayed during application.


* Above the sanitizing station is a place to hang your coat and bag if you wish.

*Wipeable clothes rail and hangers are available for you to hang your clothes on during the tan.  These are sanitized on a regular basis.


*During your tan I will be wearing full PPE which comprises of gloves, apron and face shield.  You may choose to wear a mask if you wish but you will be required to remove this when it comes to spraying the face.  You are not required to wear a face mask during your spray tan as a 2 meter distance is maintained naturally when spray tanning but this is down to your personal preference.  

*Payments are cash or via PayPal if you prefer to pay by card.


*Upon leaving you are advised to sanitize your hands but again only the palms to ensure non of the sanitizer gets on the back of your hands and compromises your tan. 


Tanning room is deep cleaned every morning before service and every evening after my last client.

The tanning room is a separate room to the rest of the house and under no circumstances does anybody enter unless its me or a client during work hours.  

Full cleaning procedures are undertaken after each client and tanning tent is sanitized.  

All rubbish is immediately disposed of and PPE is disposed of after each service.



 Your safety is our priority!

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